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Bates, Michael F.:


The enigmatic Namibian egg-eating snake Dasypeltis loveridgei Mertens, 1954 (Squamata: Colubridae): A valid species recovered from synonymy




Malik, Kamila, Gary L. Miller, Andrew S. Jensen & Karina Wieczorek:


Key characteristics of selected Drepanaphis Del Guercio, 1909 (Hemiptera: Aphididae) species based on various identification methods



Kirwan, Guy M. & Nigel J. Collar:


Lophornis melaniae Floericke, 1920 (Aves: Trochilidae), is a synonym of L. stictolophus Salvin & Elliot, 1873, not of L. delattrei (Lesson, 1839)



Mondal, Sonia, S.R. Ganesh & C. Raghunathan:


Some rare species of sea snakes (Squamata: Serpentes: Elapidae: Hydrophiinae: Hydrophis,
) from the Indian Coasts and nearby waters, lodged in major systematic Indian zoological collection



Schmied, Heiko, David Klocke & Alexander Rüttgers:


Functional morphology of water holding by feathers of sandgrouse (Aves: Pteroclidae): first evidence for directed hydroscopic motion in animals)