Volume 62 (2), December 2013


Assing, Volker:

On the Nazeris fauna of China II. New species and records from Zhejiang, Sichuan, and Yunnan (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Paederinae)


Stiels, Darius & Kathrin Schidelko:

Records of ‘Indian’ Baya Weaver Ploceus philippinus philippinus (linnaeus, 1766) and Hooded Wheatear Oenanthe monacha (temminck, 1825) from Afghanistan (Aves: Passeriformes)


Tuyisingize, Deogratias, Julian C. Kerbis Peterhans, Gary N. Bronner & Tara S. Stoinski:

Small mammal community composition in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda


Kerbis Peterhans, Julian C., Jakob Fahr, Michael H. Huhndorf, Prince Kaleme, Andrew J. Plumptre, Ben D. Marks & Robert Kizungu:

Bats (Chiroptera) from the Albertine Rift, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with the description of two new species of the Rhinolophus maclaudi group


Kerbis Peterhans, Julian C., Michael H. Huhndorf, Andrew J. Plumptre, Rainer Hutterer, Prince Kaleme & Benjamin Ndara:

Mammals, other than bats, from the Misotshi-Kabogo highlands (eastern Democratic Republic of Congo), with the description of two new species (Mammalia: Soricidae)


Bauer, Aaron M. & Richard Wahlgren:

On the Linck collection and specimens of snakes figured by Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1735) – the oldest fluid-preserved herpetological collection in the world?