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Luu, Vinh Quang, Tuong Sy Dinh, Oanh Van Lo, Truong Quang Nguyen & Thomas Ziegler:

New records and an updated list of reptiles from Ba Vi National Park, Vietnam



Filipiak, Anna, Solveig Haukeland, Kamila S. Zając, Dorota Lachowska-Cierlik & Bjørn A. Hatteland:


Helminths associated with terrestrial slugs in some parts of Europe



Das, Priyanka, Kailash Chandra & Devanshu Gupta:

The Ladybird Beetles (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) of Arunachal Pradesh, East Himalaya, India with new combinations and new country records



Dongmo, Ervis Manfothang, Eric-Moise Bakwo Fils, Aaron Manga Mongombe & Fernand-Nestor Tchuenguem Fohouo:

Diversity of bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) along an altitudinal gradient in the western region of Cameroon



Kerbis Peterhans, Julian C., Rainer Hutterer, Jeffrey B. Doty, Jean M. Malekani, David C. Moyer, Jarmila Krásová, Josef Bryja, Rebecca A. Banasiak & Terrence C. Demos:

Four new species of the Hylomyscus anselli group (Mammalia: Rodentia: Muridae) from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania



Souza-Costa, Carlos Augusto, Caio Vinicius De Mira-Mendes, Iuri Ribeiro Dias, Kaique Brito Silva, Antônio Jorge S. Argôlo & Mirco Solé:

Squamata reptiles from seasonal semi-deciduous forest remnants in southwestern Bahia, Brazil



Trela, Joanna, Łukasz Junkiert & Karina Wieczorek:

Sexual morphs of the three native Nearctic species of the genus Periphyllus van der Hoeven, 1863 (Insecta: Hemiptera: Aphididae), with identification keys including introduced species



Al-Aheikhly, Omar F., Mukhtar K. Haba, Ali N. Al-Barazengy & Nadheer A. Fazaa:

New distribution range of the vulnerable wild goat (Capra aegagrus Erxleben, 1777) (Artiodactyla: Bovidae) to the south of its known extant in Iraq, with notes on its conservation



Gippoliti, Spartaco & Luca Lupi:

A note on the wild canids (Carnivora: Canidae) of the Horn of Africa, with the first evidence of a new – forgotten – species for Ethiopia Canis mengesi Noack, 1897



Gokulakrishnan, G., C. Sivaperuman & S.R. Chandramouli:

Further records of a poorly-known insular endemic skink Lipinia macrotympanum (Stoliczka, 1873) (Squamata: Scincidae) Brazil



Gorczyca, J., A. Wolski & A. Taszakowski:

The first record of the genus Fulvius Stål, 1862 (Heteroptera: Miridae: Cylapinae) from continental China with description of a new species



Chandramouli, S.R., G. Gokulakrishnan & C. Sivaperuman:

Status and distribution of the little-known and elusive Nicobarese worm lizard Dibamus nicobaricum (Fitzinger in Steindachner, 1867) (Squamata: Dibamidae)



Steenis, J. van, Menno P. van Zuijen, Antonio Ricarte, M. Ángeles Marcos-García, Dieter Doczkal, Axel Ssymank & Ximo Mengual:

First records of Chrysotoxum volaticum Séguy, 1961 from Europe and Platycheirus marokkanus Kassebeer, 1998 from Spain (Diptera: Syrphidae) together with additional records of Spanish Chrysotoxum Meigen, 1803



Ambekar, Mayuresh, Arya Murthy & Zesshan A. Mirza:

A new species of fan-throated lizard of the genus Sitana Cuvier, 1829 (Squamata: Agamidae) from northern Karnataka, India



Caballero, Alejandro, Andrea Amalia Ramos-Portilla, Diana Rueda-Ramírez, Erika Valentina Vergara-Navarro & Francisco Serna:

The scale insect (Hemiptera: Coccomorpha) collection of the entomological museum “Universidad Nacional Agronomía Bogotá”, and its impact on Colombian coccidology



Koppetsch, Thore, Letha L. Wantania, Farnis B. Boneka & Wolfgang Böhme:

Crossing the Weber Line: First record of the Giant Bluetongue Skink Tiliqua gigas (Schneider, 1801) (Squamata: Scincidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia